Business and Personal Headshot Photography Brighton East Sussex

There are so many reasons why men, women, families and business people have their photos taken. Sometimes it’s because they want to, for example when there’s a wedding or a desire to have a family album. On other occasions a good photograph is a necessity. We know how valuable professional photography can be in showing an individual in his or her best light. A business person who can convey confidence and professionalism is much more likely to get a phone call from a prospective client than an equally good business person whose profile photograph makes them look like they’ve just spent a long weekend in the jungle.

I have seen some truly appalling profile pictures in my time - often on otherwise very nice websites. The same can be said for dating channels. I’ve had quite a lot of clients who’ve come to me for a set of photographs which can be used on a matchmaking website. These people are savvy - having a great profile picture is a no-brainer. It’s vital the photograph conveys their personality of course, and a professional photographer can help you do that. Photography for dating sites is all about catching the eye of the kind of person you want to meet. So if you’re looking to find a relaxed woman who loves dogs and who’s at home on a farm, then you wouldn’t present yourself wearing a business suit. But if you’re looking for a professional partner then putting on a well-groomed and perhaps fashionable appearance might be paramount.

I’ve also photographed more actors than I can count, and they’re all different. The kind of photographs we create will need to reflect the kind of roles they’d like to be considered for. Alternatively we might put together a whole range of photos from the very relaxed to the more tightly posed and controlled. In other words, it all depends on the end use of the pictures. It’s vital the photographer knows that, and so photographers need to talk to their clients at length before they even pick up their camera.

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I work strictly on location and very often I’ll start at a client’s home. The home doesn’t need to be posh or large. It just needs the right kind of spaces to create pictures with the right mood. If you’re a very keen cook then your kitchen might be a good place to start. If you’re passionate about your garden, then we’ll use that as well. If you have a furry family member who you’re devoted to then we can take the dog for a walk. And some plain walls make great backdrops for classic head shots.

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Plenty of entrepreneurs work from home these days. They don’t stand on ceremony and there’s no hierarchy to the job. They want to look approachable rather than simply professional. Everyone should have a natural colour photograph to hand for their CV or social networking pages


I recently photographed a well-known local entrepreneur at his stunning barn in a beautiful village near Brighton in East Sussex. We had a fun afternoon taking pictures in the house and the courtyard, and then we took his adorable border collie for a walk in the park. Jonathan is a businessman and a stocks and shares expert, working from his home office in his barn. So formal photos in a suit wouldn’t reflect how he lives and works. He’s a modern and very fashionable kind of guy, with great features. So he’s easy to photograph. He’s also creative, and has a keen interest in the arts and enjoys remodelling his home. All of this needed to be reflected in a series of very natural indoor and outdoor portraits which could be used across a range of business and personal platforms.

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If I was shopping for a partner, and if I saw this photo on a dating site I’d melt. Including a much loved furry companion is a great way of adding warmth to a personal profile image