location family portraits & business photography in sussex & surrey

We specialise in natural, modern portrait photography for families, businesses and individuals on location in and around West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. We don’t work in a studio - instead we work with our clients in their own environments and favourite places. This means every photo shoot is completely unique to you. Our award-winning style is relaxed yet refined and we won’t force you into uncomfortable or cliched poses. Instead we’ll gently guide you so that your photographs show you at your best. Please look through our gallery above, which shows a small selection of the kind of photographs we typically produce for our customers. We also have a dedicated pet photography website. Our key photography services are detailed below.

relaxed outdoor family photoshoot sussex and surrey

Lifestyle Portraits for Families, Children, Babies, Teens and Couples in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

There’s nothing more special than a beautiful family portrait album capturing your personalities, lifestyle, relationships, and your home. Or you may be looking for a classic large framed wall portrait to commemorate a milestone or a special gathering. Alternatively we can spend the whole day with you, chronicling every aspect of your home life as it unfolds from breakfast to a bedtime story. We cover Brighton, Chichester, Horsham, Worthing, Crawley and beyond. Our Blog contains examples of our family photoshoots.

A photo shoot for a teen can be a great way to mark their coming-of-age, exam results, or graduation. We’ll capture your teens enjoying their hobbies and simply being themselves. Teen photoshoots are a cross between lifestyle family photography and a model portfolio.

A photo shoot for a couple is the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or an engagement. The end result can be a special framed portrait or perhaps a handmade album (we can also make smaller duplicates of our albums are sharing with friends and relatives). This can take place anywhere which has happy memories or is significant to you. It can be a favourite walk in the woods or along the beach, or something more edgy and urban around town.

And if there’s just one of you, then why not treat yourself to a special photo session. Some of our clients commemorate life’s trials and triumphs in precisely this way, be it recovery from illness or simply a celebration of a special time. We have clients of all ages and one thing we’ve learnt over many years is that photography has no bounds.

photoshoots for couples in west sussex and surrey

Business Photography and Headshots in Chichester, Worthing, Horsham, Brighton and Crawley

Business photography is such a broad subject. Sometimes our clients are looking for a classic minimal headshot for a conservative business website or online profile. On other occasions our clients are looking for a less formal environmental portrait which shows them in their place of work, engaged in their occupation. Whether you’re a gardener, fitness instructor, baker, farmer, graphic designer, accountant or plumber you’ll need the kind of photographs which will help you to sell your services. You might even want a series of images to promote your latest website - we can help with that too.

business portraits and environmental headshots sussex and surrey

model portfolios west sussex and surrey

Model Portfolio Photography in and around Brighton, Chichester, Crawley, Horsham and Worthing

If you’re starting out in your modelling career then a good basic modelling portfolio can make all the difference. These don’t have to be high-fashion photographs, they simply need to show your features, body shape, and the kind of ‘look’ you’d like to promote. In many respects these can be quite similar to lifestyle portraits. The agencies you’re targeting will probably specify the kind of photographs they need, so we can include those as well. The images are normally supplied as prints for your ‘book’ and you might also need digital photographs if you have an online profile.

Photographs for Dating Websites in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

Most of us lead busy lives. Finding time to socialise and make new friends can be hard. It’s a simple fact that nowadays the majority of people find their partners via an online service of some kind. It makes a lot of sense to broaden our social circle in this way, without the awkwardness associated with being a single person amongst a sea of couples.

It’s been proven time and time again that if your dating profile photographs show you at your best then you’re far more likely to gain the attention of well matched potential partners. If you get your dating profile pictures wrong though, you could end up wasting your time entirely. It’s really important that personal profile pictures show your personality, in a way which is likely to appeal to your ideal date or soul-mate. Professional photographs also show that you’re serious about finding someone. Poorly lit, out of focus, unflattering dating profile pictures can say the opposite!

Dating profile portraits are quite similar to the lifestyle photographs you can see on this page.