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Over the years my boudoir photography clients have talked about how confident their photographs have made them feel. It’s fantastic to see women of all ages and sizes celebrating their bodies and the little things which make them so unique and beautiful. I work on location throughout West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and much of south east England.


Did you know:

The fastest growing age group for boudoir photography is the 45 to 55 sector. Boudoir photography is particularly well suited to curvy ladies.


Boudoir photography is about celebrating femininity. It’s often a classic choice when creating a special and intensely personal gift for a life partner, or to commemorate a personal milestone, a special birthday, or even recovery from a period of illness.

Working in your own surroundings, with your own clothing choices and accessories together we can create simple and tasteful photographs perfect for an album or wall pieces for the bedroom or private bathroom. Not to be confused with glamour photography, boudoir photography is all about your personality and your sense of self.

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Boudoir photography isn’t the same as nude photography. With boudoir work our subject is wearing something, such as their favourite underwear, a negligee or a crisp white man’s shirt. Accessories can play a big part too, it’s a great opportunity to get out your favourite costume jewellery. Boudoir photography can be as natural or stylised as you like. It can be conservative, or a little more risqué. Your underwear can be simple and tasteful, or it can comprise lace camisoles or boned corsets and high heels - the choice is yours. Most of all, it needs to reflect your personality.

I don’t work in a studio, and boudoir photography is easy to do in the clients home. Or we can hire a boutique hotel room if it’s difficult to get private time in your own house. We can even work outdoors, we just need an attractive, safe, and private beauty spot for a couple of hours. Your own garden or outbuildings can be great as well.

What about men? We get many enquiries from men, but they’re normally for the kind of specialised photographs I’m unable to help with. However if you’re looking for some pictures for your modelling portfolio (no nudity) or to promote your fitness training work then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please note I always work with an assistant.

The process follows exactly the same routine as our standard photo shoots. Please refer to the FAQ section for details on how our service works.

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