Children's Portrait Photographer Worthing and Horsham

Family portraits are usually the mainstay of many social photographers’ offerings, and I’m no different. I’m based in West Sussex but my portrait photography business operates throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and other parts of the South East by arrangement. Like most portrait photographers my subjects are mainly families, children, couples, business people and very often pets. I was just looking through some past sessions and I found some of my favourite photographs of Livvy. The light and whimsical portraits say everything about spring and early summer. Who wouldn’t want to dress up and play amongst the bluebells?

Portrait photographers usually operate throughout the year. If you’re studio based then the weather is largely irrelevant, but the seasons can present some challenges for location portrait photographers such as myself. However, it is relatively uncommon to have to reschedule a session, we can normally work around the wind and rain. The most favourable seasons for location lifestyle photography will always be spring and autumn, where the new spring growth lends a freshness to the photography. And of course autumn adds a characteristic golden glow to photographs.