Shooting an Olympus Advertorial for Photo Professional Magazine

Micro Four Thirds cameras are a big deal at the moment. You should see some of the debates (and arguments) which are raging on some of the better-known photography forums. There seems to be an irrational and abject refusal to acknowledge that a physically smaller camera and lens setup could possibly be applied to professional usage. This really does seem to be about size, and the fear they may not be taken seriously with a small camera in their hands. I don’t suffer from those insecurities and nor do the established professional photographers I know. Nor do any of the female photographers I know, for that matter.

I think a lot of amateur photographers enjoy the sensation of appearing more serious and more experienced than they are, simply by the equipment in their hands. We’ve all seen this at a convention or tradeshow - men walking around with enormous DSLRs around their necks, complete with a battery grip and large flashgun, and a backpack full of accessories.

As professionals, our clients come to us because our portfolios align well with their needs. As does our reputation. My reputation means a great deal to me. Photography is my full-time occupation, and I pride myself on good customer service. It may be a little easier for me to have a credible voice because I’ve been around for a while and I’ve won a number of leading industry awards. Credentials are helpful when making a point (in fact that’s precisely why Olympus approached me recently for an interview). And that point is this: I wouldn’t risk my status or reputation by using equipment which wasn’t perfectly suited to the work I do. I’m a portrait photographer, I also photograph a lot of pets and animals, and I enjoy wildlife photography in my spare time. I also shoot sports on occasion. I have quite stringent needs in other words. I also have a number of joint problems so heavy equipment is ruled out now.

To address the needs of professionals Olympus have recently released a new camera specifically aimed at professionals, in the form of the Olympus EM1. This is the camera I use in my professional life. I recently wrote and shot and advertorial for Olympus, which has appeared in magazines including Photo Professional, Amateur Photographer and the Olympus Magazine.

For a full lowdown of the reasons why micro 4/3 equipment suits me very well as a professional photographer please see this post: Why I Use Micro Four Thirds Equipment for Professional Photography

Lindsay Dobson Olympus Magazine 2013
Lindsay Dobson Featured in Olympus Magazine Wildlife Photography