Location Photography for Model Portfolios and Teens in Hampshire

I’m a portrait photographer and I work strictly on location. Most of my work takes place within West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey. On this occasion I found myself at a beautiful spot in Hampshire. Working on location means that every photo shoot is different to every other, and clients receive photography specifically geared to their needs. Photographing Alex in the grounds of an historic abbey proved to be the perfect backdrop for her particular ‘look’ and the gown Alex was modelling for a local designer. These photographs will be added to Alex’s modelling portfolio.

The majority of the shots were created using natural light. Whilst that might sound easy on the surface, the first thing we do when we arrive at any location is to carry out some reconnaissance. We’ll look for soft pools of light, overhangs, and apertures through which we can shoot, or through which the model can position herself. The aim is to avoid unnecessarily harsh light which can create unflattering shadows or loss of highlight or shadow detail. This is really important when photographing clothing.

Light changes as the day goes on so during the reconnaissance phase we’ll plan where we’ll shoot in the morning and where we’ll shoot in the afternoon. This day included photography for Rock band Sansara and the Abbey was a perfect location for them. The results of that shoot can be seen here: Rock Band Photography Hampshire

If you’re curious about what goes on behind the scenes of a location photo shoots like this, you can see what we got up to here: Behind the Scenes Location Photo Shoot Hampshire

There are probably more people than you expected, but when there are several subjects who need to be styled and photographed several pairs of hands are a necessity. We had a fantastic bunch on the day, specialists in lighting, styling, hair and make up. Food is a big part of these outings since we’re on our feet for several hours whilst concentrating. I seem to be able to eat an enormous amount when I’m working, and I could see I wasn’t the only one!